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About me

I prefer being alone and contemplative but my life includes many people (children, grandchildren, students, relatives, friends that I've met throughout world) and interest (art, system dynamics, education, human nature, dreaming). They keep me engaged (except the dreaming) otherwise I would probably be a hermit.


I like routine since I'm easily distracted by even simple things that can be so amazing like the background of this glog which is easy to get lost in....oh..I'm doing it again...routine is a neccessity for me.


I like all types of music, even world music. Understanding the words isn't always important although cussing in rap gets a bet distracting.

Movies and TV:

I like award shows and talent shows that feature the best talent in music, dance, acting, science....I wish there was a show on Nobel prize winners.


I gave it up at age 13, but I like to watch all sports at the end of the seasons when the competition is at its best.


Love all art forms. I try to paint something once a year.


The key to eliminating drama is the acceptance of what is...without argument, expectations, or judgement. It's not your life...it's only your situation and this too will pass.

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